24 September 2011

Snakes in a Wall

The juvenile black rat snakes are back! Each year, they populate the railroad tie retaining wall in front of the interpretive building. On nice, sunny days like today, you can often find over a dozen hanging out. Be sure to stop and look on your autumn visits to TWC!

17 September 2011

Lake Erie Water Snake Delisted

The Lake Erie Water Snake has been taken off the threatened list of the Endangered Species List! This is a very big deal - it's wonderful to see conservation and education efforts work!
Check out this video from the Division of Wildlife:


or click here to read more about the de-listing.

Congratulations Kristin and everyone else involved in the recovery!

11 August 2011

Camouflaged Looper

The blobby-looking bump on this flower is not some mutant flower head. It's a very well camouflaged caterpillar called, appropriately, a Camouflaged Looper or Wavy-Lined Emerald. Look closely - can you find it?

Here are two close-ups of the caterpillar - you can see the bits of flower parts attached to it.

And, lastly, just in case still don't believe this is a living creature and not some funky plant defect, here is a short video of the caterpillar in action:


These caterpillars are common and found on aster, black-eyed susan, goldenrod, yarrow, daisy and other such plants. Try looking for them in your yard - they are tiny (about 0.5 inches), but well worth the hunt.

31 July 2011

Herpetology Day

Yesterday was our first Herpetology Day. Thank you volunteers and visitors for making it a success. Here are a few pictures:

20 July 2011

snake eggs

These snake eggs were found by our intern Clay while he was weeding around the retaining wall near the interpretive building. We'll keep an eye on them and post more if/when they hatch. Eggs typically take 60-70 days to hatch. We don't know when these were laid, but I'm guessing they will hatch sometime in late August.